Tarra Lange, Ontario, Ca

I think I would be the perfect pink lipstick girl because I’m a bad ass babe that always keeps it real. I have natural beauty - no fake hair, tits, lips, or injections. I’m confident but super sweet and humble. I’m sexy and like to make the people around me feel good about themselves. I look rockin in lingerie and would love to be a part of this movement. As a mom I have later low from the modeling scene for a while now but I used to do quite a bit with big names. I’m a shortie, little Blondie with a lot of pizazz. I can snowboard, Moto, and love adventure. Sultry, sexy, sassy. Pink is my favorite color. I’m very down to earth but fearless. I would love to rep and win this pink lip stick modeling opportunity. Please take a leap of faith and love with me. Much love