CHRISSY , Philadelphia , PA

Contest aside, let's be brutally honest here.....who doesn't simply adore "Pink Lipstick" brand lingerie, stage, and club wear? It's the most vibrant, fun, and colorful of all! These are traits that are hard to find in most brands and lines, and those very descriptive words represent what I personally stand for, brightness, happiness, bubbly effervescence, magic, and whimsy! I have been doffing, donning, and combining pieces of Pink Lipstick wear for years as part of my photo shoot, music, pinup, dance, and stage presentation, so it makes sense to finally work with Pink Lipstick brand in a much more official and formal fashion, don't you reckon? With my lifetime of experience in music, performing, acting, hosting, deejaying, pin up and glamour modeling, I would be deeply honored, proud, grateful, and of course, downright elated to have the highly esteemed opportunity to become the next "Pink Lipstick" girl. I represent the hard working "every girl", the "hometown girl", the underdog, the original, "girl next door". Hot pink is my signature! Take a chance on someone and something different for a change, would ya please?! :) Please vote early and vote often! Have a magical day, and please keep in touch on IG @PunkyChrissy,, or