Katia Desrochers, Vancouver, Bc

I've been a lingerie/bikini model for about 9 years! I love lingerie I find it so beautiful and empowering. Doesnt matter what shape or size a girl is once she finds that lingerie set that looks good on them it brings out their sexy side. I'm a well known model in Vancouver and I know alot of local lingerie/bikini companies and they have me model their garments. Its alot of fun! I think I fit the part for being a Pink Lipstick Girl because I am always empowering women as much as I can. I always have young ladies message me on instagram asking for advice and how to pose. How I became a model etc. It seems like alot of girls want to be a model and it can be such a tough industry I like to guide them in a safe positive manner. And I feel like Pink Lipstick Girls can do that. When women see the girl on the package its empowering to women and beautiful. I remember when I was younger always looking at the girls on the packages and thinking to myself I'm gonna be on that one day! :)