Renee Toth, Cypress, Tx

I have been involved with fitness most of my life. I enjoy inspiring and motivating others to live a fit and healthy life style. I have been involved with training in the gym for approximately 16 yrs., playing soccer for 14 yrs. as well as High school track for 4 yrs. In the past I have enjoyed supporting numerous cancer organizations by participating in triathlons and Aqua-thon competitions. I also worked as a personal trainer for all types of persons seeking better overall health. I personally train 5-6 days a week for two hour a day and at times have two-a day workouts. Growing up I always had a problem with gaining weight or keeping any muscle. I remember the school teachers had gotten to where they would watch my every move at lunch. To make sure I was eating right. They thought I had a eating disorder. I hated being so skinny and wanted to look healthier and feel prettier. That's when I decided to put soccer and track behind me because of all the cardio that was involved. I decided to turn to weight and gym training. It has taken me years and years of critiquing my workouts, diets and supplements to get to where I am today but it was well worth it. First there was the cardio and not enough weight training. Then there was the weight training and not enough cardio. Then there weren't enough repetitions or too many repetitions. Then I didn't take any supplements or vitamins. And next I didn't know much about nutrition. But then I discovered supplements, vitamins, proper way to train, and nutrition!