Kelsey Meyer, Greenville , PA

The qualities that I believe make me the "perfect Pink Lipstick girl" include the following; I enjoy modeling, and have been told time and time again that "the camera loves you (me)", I like to explore different looks ranging from "pure and innocent" to "smoldering and sexy", and I pull those off really well. I do not have a "traditional" look, and I love to try new looks all of the time. I am looking to start a modeling career, so I thought this may be a good opportunity to kickstart that. The following pictures were not taken by a professional photographer, however, I think they do accentuate my assets pretty well (I had semi-professional boudoir photos taken that were beautiful, but they were all black and white, so I cannot submit those). I am an amateur due to the lack of professional photos, but I could definitely market Pink Lipstick products with ease if given the chance to do so. I would love that opportunity, and I would love to work with such a reputable company. If I do not qualify for this exact contest, I would still be interested in pursuing modeling for Pink Lipstick if I am deemed to be marketable.